Freeman dyson
...does not believe one can describe the universe in matrices alone.

 ...believes postmodernism to have been an overreaction to Margaret Thatcher.

 ...accepts the criticisms of his religious position gracefully.

 ...would happily arbiter peace between planets.

 ...believes no government should possess bomb-proof structures that their citizens are not allowed to possess in order to keep up good appearances among the likewise armed.

...accepts that the colonisation of the Kuiper Belt may depend on new species of black algae that will better absorb heat.

...has not ruled out extra-dimensional links between minds, if only a tepid, electromagnetic awareness. ...places no special significance on hypnopompic imagery.

 ...envisions a future in which it would be possible for hundreds, thousands of us to be exploring space together in self-contained bubbles of atmosphere powered by ion drives. At certain points, the machines responsible for maintaining temperature and pressure may fail, and we will have to get used to fellow travelers dying alongside us.

...believes that life encompasses a greater spectrum than we currently allow it.
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